Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Connections and something better than mediocrity.

Today as I was eating a rather normal lunch at a fast food chain known as Chik-Fil-A, I noticed that all the people around me were mostly neutral about the place. There were a few children that were playing in the playpen area, but most of the adults were just eating, unconcerned with the attitudes of those around them. This was something that I didn't feel was out of place, after all if a stranger came up to you and was not of the opposite sex and/or not attractive to you, then it would be odd for them to approach you. I followed this trend and did not stray from my seat other than to grab napkins and some dipping sauce for my fries. This is what disturbs me: in the age where international connections can be made with a click of a button, it is considered odd to try and make a face to face connection. That is another discussion for another time. As I was leaving the restaurant, I asked the cheery employee behind the counter to fill my cup up with the soda I was drinking so I would have some on the road. In response to my appreciative words, I hear "My Pleasure" instead of the normal "Your Welcome". Those two words turned the rather normal and lackluster lunch I had into a pleasant half-hour spent in a calm dining environment.

The opinion is mine, but I'm happy to share. Laterz.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Madness is a Two-Way Street.

So, as I sit watching a TV show called "The Batman" I realized that more people are inclined to become the Joker rather than the Batman. Most people, when confronted with a situation that they cannot control, feel helpless. This helplessness usually results in a violent reaction, this violent reaction results in a "adrenaline rush" that makes the person reacting feel powerful. Power is an alluring thing. People are also destructive by nature, (look at the kick most people get out of seeing something blow up in a movie) hence the desire to be in a overwhelming situation again, and the easiest way to do that is create the situation yourself. The Joker does the same thing, he wants to be able to have that rush of chemicals and the best way he can think of to do that is to make a situation in which he is overwhelmed and he has to "fight", either physically or mentally out of it. The Batman's emotions have dictated that he only "fight" against the ones that are causing chaos, although he maintains the original principle of getting a "rush" from the fight, exemplified in the smirk that he usually carries when he knows he has the bad guy beaten. This emotional tug of war is something that most people want to avoid, so they opt for the most destructive and least resistive path to the emotional high.

This opinion is mine, but I don't mind sharing. Laterz.