Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Connections and something better than mediocrity.

Today as I was eating a rather normal lunch at a fast food chain known as Chik-Fil-A, I noticed that all the people around me were mostly neutral about the place. There were a few children that were playing in the playpen area, but most of the adults were just eating, unconcerned with the attitudes of those around them. This was something that I didn't feel was out of place, after all if a stranger came up to you and was not of the opposite sex and/or not attractive to you, then it would be odd for them to approach you. I followed this trend and did not stray from my seat other than to grab napkins and some dipping sauce for my fries. This is what disturbs me: in the age where international connections can be made with a click of a button, it is considered odd to try and make a face to face connection. That is another discussion for another time. As I was leaving the restaurant, I asked the cheery employee behind the counter to fill my cup up with the soda I was drinking so I would have some on the road. In response to my appreciative words, I hear "My Pleasure" instead of the normal "Your Welcome". Those two words turned the rather normal and lackluster lunch I had into a pleasant half-hour spent in a calm dining environment.

The opinion is mine, but I'm happy to share. Laterz.

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